Most of us were never taught to ‘witness’ our thoughts. As a result, this can lead to negative self-talk, overthinking and suffering. Recently, Scott Kiloby appeared as a guest on a new episode of the Mental Health Monday podcast to address this phenomenon and to explain how to incorporate mindfulness and presence to dissolve negative self-talk.

Mental Health Mondays is an informative, entertaining, and educational mental health talk show. It is hosted by Marla and Dave Thomas, in partnership with NAMI-SFV and Loving Beyond Reason. The program was developed to help break the stigma surrounding mental health diagnoses and to provide support to individuals and families that are affected.

About the Episode

In this episode of the podcast, Scott establishes how to identify negative self-talk as it’s happening and walks listeners through a guided mindfulness exercise. When the mind is quiet, the experience shifts drastically. A quiet mind allows us to experience emotions and sensations from a grounded, secure place. Moreover, it empowers us to dissolve negative self talk, without having to fight or judge ourselves.

Scott also discusses how to use mindfulness to help when someone is in a negative self-talk mental health crisis. Watch the interview below:

More About Mental Health Monday

Marla and David Thomas are the hosts of Mental Health Mondays, and the founders of Loving Beyond Reason. Their story, in their own words:

“Our fight against mental health injustice has been both painful and public. Our story is like countless others who have found themselves fighting a never ending battle for support and solutions, which has led us to turn our pain into purpose, by assisting families who make the choice to ‘Love Beyond Reason!’.”


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