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About Our Program

The Natural Rest House, Inc. is a unique detox and residential treatment center located in beautiful La Quinta, California, minutes away from Palm Springs, California, and about two hours from LA and San Diego.

We offer a safe and effective way to detox from drugs and alcohol.  Detoxification is overseen by Dr. Albert Lai, a physician who specializes in detoxification, addiction medicine, and pain management.  We also provide residential addiction treatment for those looking for 24-hour care in order to begin their new way of life in recovery. Learn how to stop suffering from substance abuse with mindfulness and self-love.

“All the staff are awesome and caring. I have been to many places and this is by far the best experience I’ve ever had in a facility. Thank you for everything!”

– Adam

Co-owned and managed by author, international speaker, and CEO of the Kiloby Center for Recovery, Scott Kiloby, the Natural Rest House offers Scott’s unique mindfulness approach along with other evidence-based therapeutic and counseling services.  The House specializes in the treatment of addiction along with co-occurring disorders such as trauma/PTSD, depression, and anxiety along with food, gambling, tobacco, sex/porn, and other addictions for those in need of 24-hour care.  Detox lasts between 2 and 14 days depending on the type of substance to which you are addicted.  Residential treatment at our House typically lasts anywhere from 10 to 90 days.  Many of our clients enroll in the Kiloby Center for Recovery’s unique IOP in Rancho Mirage, CA (fifteen minutes from our House) after completing detox or residential treatment. 

Mindfulness Approach

In a nutshell, our skilled therapists and facilitators work to help you quiet your mind. A mindful approach addresses trauma first, helping you understand what painful events mean to you. This helps you develop a deeper awareness of where addictions and other negative emotions or actions are coming from. Then, these mindful attitudes teach you to move forward and experience life fully present and peaceful, without the overwhelming thoughts and emotions blocking your ability to enjoy the moment. This mindfulness approach has helped many people looking for an alternative to the 12 steps recovery program.

Detox at The Natural Rest House

The Natural Rest House is a beautiful six-bed home located in a quiet neighborhood. The serene environment includes a lovely backyard with fruit trees and a covered patio. Along with six hours of scheduled therapy daily, we provide all meals, an infrared solo sauna, cable-tv, wi-fi, bodywork such as yoga, games, books, and other activities. Private rooms are available at an additional cost.

The House also provides detox services for other recovery programs in the Southern California area.  If you are on your way to an IOP or other addiction treatment center and need detox first, call us and we can help.  If you are the owner of an IOP or another recovery center in Southern California and need a safe, effective way to detox your patients, give us a call.

The Natural Rest House is located in La Quinta, California within the beautiful community of Palm Springs. La Quinta is a thriving residential and resort community nicknamed the “Gem of the Desert” and is part of the Coachella Valley. The area is home to sweeping mountain vistas, golf courses, numerous shopping venues, and restaurants along with nearby attractions such as the Palm Springs Tram and The Living Desert Zoo. La Quinta is conveniently located off of Interstate 10 and is approximately a two-hour drive from Los Angeles and San Diego, a three-hour drive from Phoenix, and four hours from Las Vegas.

Certified by the California Department of Health Care Services

Accredited by the prestigious Joint Commission on Behavioral Health

Founding member of the ICOTP – an organization devoted to fighting fraud and abuse, raising ethical standards, and ensuring independent review of outcome measurements and business practices of providers in the addiction treatment field.

Founding Member of ATAC – Addiction Treatment Advocacy Coalition – an organization devoted to consumer protection for patients and legal advocacy on behalf of patients and providers.

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