Loving Our Bodies, Loving Ourselves is a Natural Rest support group for women, led by Kiloby Inquiries facilitator Sumitra Burton. The group meets Mondays at 4 pm Pacific (date & time subject to change) on Zoom. You can read more about the group, Sumitra, and what you can expect when attending below:

KC: Tell us a little about the group “Loving Our Bodies, loving ourselves”? How did you get started? What has kept you going?

Sumitra: Women in the group have tended to be ages 45+ (I am 78). We are generally on spiritual paths, having tried many methods and practices and are looking for long-term benefits.  I have kept the group free because I wanted to be able to share with everyone else and not feel so much a “leader” as simply a facilitator.

KC: Who was this group created for?

Sumitra: We created this group for women who want support for learning to accept themselves (body/mind) exactly as they are. 

KC: What is the mission of the group?

Sumitra: Our mission is to support each other with Resting, Sharing (Listening), and Practicing Inquiry – sometimes guided and sometimes self-inquiry.

KC: What can women expect from participating in your group?

Sumitra: Someone participating in this group for the first time can expect to find a safe space to:

  • share a guided rest together, 
  • share their ongoing stories, successes and challenges, and 
  • practice inquiry! (sometimes guided- but especially self-inquiry).

KC: How large is the group?

Sumitra: We usually have 4-6 women attend- so this is a small, intimate group setting.

KC: What are the top 3 to 5 benefits that women have gained from participating in your group?

 Sumitra: Over time, a sense of safety and friendship is experienced for women to be able to share from their hearts in a group of like-minded women (those wishing to free themselves from old beliefs). Some who have stayed in the group for long periods have expressed a sense of stabilizing emotions, decreased depression and an awakening sense of freedom.

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