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Using mindfulness meditation and inquiry to unblock chakras, release body contractions, and the associated emotional or mental blocks

The chakra system is an ancient physiological and spiritual “map” of energetic centers in the human body. The ancient Indian Vedic and Buddhist texts are amongst the first to mention the chakras. However, they recently became associated with the spiritual energy of “awakening” in Gopi Krishna’s 1937 personal account, “Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man.” Some claim that chakras are physical locations in the nervous system. Others state that they are only in our “subtle body” or energy system. Whether or not they are “real” is something we must draw from direct experience.

Many people have personal experience with chakras.

Did your teacher ever unexpectedly call on you to answer a question in class, putting you on the spot? If so, you may have found your voice suddenly weak or hoarse. This affected your 5th chakra. Or perhaps after receiving terribly stressful or emotional news, you had an upset stomach as a result of unbalance of your 2nd chakra. On the other hand, maybe you were triggered and felt intense anger. The pounding energy in your upper stomach was likely associated with your 3rd chakra.

While these are simple or immediate examples, the energetic centres of your body may also have chronic conditions. Well-established beliefs or emotional states may block them. For example, perhaps you struggle to relate to others and find yourself with a slightly pulled back chest or rolled-over shoulders (4th chakra) or even subtle consistent social anxiety (3rd chakra).

You can use mindfulness to unblock chakras and release them. Mindfulness is a non-judgemental and intentional awareness of daily direct experience. By becoming non-judgmentally aware of your chakras, you can allow your natural spiritual energy to rise subtly through your body. When focused as an inquiry, mindfulness can directly unblock chakras holistically and become a healthy path to freedom.

My own experience with chakras has been direct and impactful. I trained in my teen years in martial arts and in my twenties in somatic movement. This led me to pay attention to physical “symptoms” in my body to see if they correlated to emotions or beliefs. It took years to develop a deep awareness of my body symptoms. I learned more quickly that certain parts of the body “contract” or “expand” due to mental or emotional states. For example, when I have lower back pain I know I am repressing emotions. This means my second chakra is contracted! I can tell because I “hold in” or tighten and contract my lower stomach. Or, when anxiety arises from a self-judging place, I will feel it in the upper part of my stomach, associated with my 3rd chakra. It’s like a fluttering or pounding sensation. As another example, sometimes when I am hyperactively thinking or “looking” for answers, my head leans out slightly (chakra #6, expanded). I know my fear of rejection literally causes my chest to curve in instead of being open for connection (chakra #4, contracted). Expansions or contractions are described in many books about the chakra system.

Mindfulness meditation and inquiry can directly unblock chakras and release body contractions. When this occurs, the associated emotional or mental blocks release along with them. Then, the natural spiritual energy can arise in the body. We may notice this when we become suddenly embarrassed or angry. If we pay close attention in those moments, we may notice a flooding feeling of heat, tingling, or tension. A “flush” of energy might rise through the body and may even reach or flood the head. Our natural energy rises in immediate or “acute” instances. It also rises as part of our natural human development and evolution over the span of a lifetime. When we release chakra blockages, the natural energy flows more easily as it re-aligns with chakras that become more “neutral.” This means our chakras are not contracted or expanded. In this case, the body and the mind no longer need to “hold on” to the emotional or mental stories, beliefs and thus hurts, abuses, or pains from the past. When a blocked chakra is released (or bypassed) the energy can rush up the body suddenly, in a flash, in what some experience as a “Kundalini awakening.” The result can be ecstatic. These intensely pleasurable states often connect a person to a sense of universal unity and a divine sense of awe. However, they do not last. There is something about such an energetic expansion, however, that most people do not talk. They may not even notice! ln truth, these almost always have an opposing contraction. They may occur a day or even years later, which can leave the person confused with sometimes painful and unusual physical or emotional symptoms. The immediate pleasant Kundalini experiences can later throw a person into despair, anxiety, and even suicidal thinking. A true Kundalini awakening is holistic and balanced. The chakra expansions or contractions dissolve due to the direct releasing of the blockages in a more balanced and holistic way.

In my body, my posture has literally changed as I cleared these blockages and released old emotional pain and belief systems. My chest started to open up and my shoulders relaxed. A long-standing tension injury healed. Fibromyalgia disappeared. I relaxed. My old physical wounds and emotional wounds began to heal. Now my stomach naturally rests and is rarely tense or in turmoil. My eyes are more at ease, my head sits in alignment with my body, and the quality of my voice has changed. For years I did massage, physical therapy, or went to the gym to manage these symptoms. When I unblock chakras now my symptoms go away naturally, without force. My anxiety is lessened, my anger relaxed, and a natural openness increased.

Mindful inquiry is the key. By investigating each physical symptom and “mining” it for what story you are still holding on to, you can release the emotions and mental beliefs that hold you back. The stories of our past and future are associated in our minds with a body part and thus a chakra (and it’s associated symptoms). When the natural body (and spiritual) energy raises through your body, emotional and mental limitations become softer, and living life fully begins. This is a more holistic Kundalini rising of energy.

The Kiloby Inquiries can be used in tandem with our natural and spiritual energy process, by directly dissolving specific chakra blockages and limitations. By inquiring into body sensations – for example, when you feel a tightness or a pain in a certain body part or chakra – or noticing thoughts or beliefs that are associated with a chakra, you can release them. Contact info@kilobycenter.com for more information.

Some of you may have experienced unblocking chakras during a Kundalini awakening and its aftermath in a “spiritual emergence.” I underwent hundreds of intense Kundalini expansions and contractions. At first, I was profoundly confused and suffered as a result. In connection with the Kiloby Inquiries, I have developed a holistic tool to release the blockages in the chakras. This helps to balance the natural flow of these confusing energetic states and body symptoms. I trained in Buddhist mindfulness meditation as a novitiate monk (pravrajya) at the Thai monastery Suan Mokkh. I am also certified in reiki, transformational arts, and both the Living and Kiloby Inquiries. Please inquire via email here for more information or a session.


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